Dining Offers

Situated in the centre of Glenapp Castle’s Walled Garden, The Azalea Glasshouse & Bothy Restaurant offers guests the choice of surrounding gardens or a Monet style view overlooking the Azalea Pond. Originally built in the late 1800s, The Azalea provides guests with a truly historical dining experience in one of the UK’s most impressive and distinctive venues. The original Victorian MacKenzie and Moncur Victorian Glasshouse is one of only a few remaining in Scotland, including a similar Glasshouse situated on the Kings Balmoral Estate. Homegrown produce from the garden kitchen finds its way from Glenapp’s garden to plate. The Azalea beautifully blends horticulture and dining, and this magical kitchen-garden relationship is echoed in the menus with local produce grown a few feet away from your table!