Relaxing Spa

Pamper yourself at Pebbles

Take advantage of the special terms for hotel guests and this exclusive members’ only spa in Ayrshire, seven minutes from the gates of Glenapp

Unwind and relax

Seven minutes from the castle is Pebbles Spa, offering state-of-the-art beauty, relaxation and wellbeing treatments. For a small fee Glenapp guests can use the fantastic facilities right on the shoreline, with the castle providing transfers.

High quality treatments

Relax in the luxurious surroundings of Pebbles Spa, located on the very edge of the coastline just down the road from Glenapp Castle. Pebbles Spa incorporates an infinity swimming pool, spa, heat experiences, gym, spa treatments rooms, and a bistro. Let the beauty of the sea take care of you with the spa's Thalgo marine based products. These treatments harness the riches of the sea so you can benefit from the power healing, revitalising, and rebalancing properties vital for health and wellbeing.

Their exceptional body treatments refine, tone, and ease tensions while the facials offer spectacular results in purifying, hydrating, and firming. The spa also offers DECLÉOR as an aromatherapy range for those who are looking for more relaxation with aromatherapy oils.

Lie back, relax, and feel pampered

Down the road from Glenapp you will find the perfect place for relaxation at Pebbles Spa


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