Falconry Displays

A totally unique experience

Enjoy the opportunity to fly a range of birds, or indulge in a private falcon display while creating unforgettable memories.

Falconry at Glenapp Castle

This is an experience not to be missed.  Enjoy a fully interactive display with a stunning selection of birds of prey within the Glenapp Castle gardens and grounds.  Whether you have a love for birds of prey or just enjoy the thrill of watching raptors in the air, the Glenapp Castle Falconry Displays offer something for the whole family.


Glenapp’s Private and Exclusive Falconry Display

Enjoy a private and personalised falconry display for you and your loved ones, this is an exclusive and totally unique experience which will create unforgettable memories.  A perfectly planned experience that will showcase the ancient art of Falconry and exhibit it in an exciting and lively manner. Each bird has been expertly raised with complete human exclusion so as to showcase these wonderful birds natural behaviour, you can expect them to soar metres above you, before swooping down to your gloved hand for a tasty morsel. You will fly and handle various birds of prey including owls, hawks, falcons, kites and of course a glorious Eagle. Often you will become involved with a bird in training, which gives you a wonderful insight into each of these amazing species. This exclusive hands on experience will finish with everyone gathered around the Azalea pond, where a magnificent Eagle will swoop down to the surface for food and finish hopefully clasping a fish in its claws.

Sea Eagle Fishing Experience

The Glenapp Eagle Fishing experience can only be described as unique.  To start this amazing day, you will get acquainted with the Eagle, and fly a few other raptors from the Castle grounds before heading to Girvan where you will embark the Glenapp Castle Boat and enjoyed a spirited ride along the rugged Ayrshire coast before anchoring below the cliffs at Culzean Castle.  You will be joined by our expert Falconers and ‘Ripley’, the famous African Sea Eagle, and will experience an epic demonstration of an eagles power and agility as she flies between the shore-line and the vessel, taking food rewards from the water directly beside the Boat.  Whether you simply watch in awe, or take photographs for your personal ‘insta’ moments,  the memory of this experience will last forever.  This is a full day  suitable for all the family,  and a trip to the iconic Ailsa Craig with a picnic can also be arranged.

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